My daughter was a flower girl in a wedding 17 years ago; afterwards there were no visible stains on the dress and it was stored away. When moving I found it and was shocked when I saw it. After The Cleaning Company restored it another little girl can enjoy it. Thank you! --Susan, Tyler, TX

Removed stains before Removed stains before

"The recent restoration job you did for me was absolutely awesome. The clothes looked better than when they were brand new. Please thank your staff for their excellent work. The customer service you provide at The Cleaning Company goes far beyond normal expectations. Thank you for all your help." --Anton & Sheila Gladchenko, Flint, TX

"You guys did an excellent job, stepping in and actually coming to us to offer help during a very difficult time. Evacuees of up to 1600 at one time needed clothing cleaned and your ability and willingness to respond to the laundry requirements of hundreds of the displaced families met the needs of people promptly and efficiently, which meant a great deal to these families and to the shelter." --Greg Morgan, Shelter Manager Hurricane Ike, Tyler, TX

"You can not imagine how thrilled my ninety-three-year-old mother was when she saw her 70-year-old wedding gown restored to its original beauty! If your staff can make a dress in that condition wearable again I think they can do anything! Thank you for taking such good care of a priceless heirloom." --Vicki H., Tyler, TX